FRI 10/21

#1= I forget
#2= I forget
#3= 2 poached eggs, 2 slices WW fat free bread, cheese, 6 slices ham
#4= Granola cereal w/ honey & 2% milk
#5= bean & cheese burrito (450 cal.), choc. milk (270 cal.)

Comments: The burrito was an emergency vending machine purchase :( I will try not to eat that again, that's way too many calories for not much of a taste payoff.


Thu 10/20

#1= 2 poached eggs, 2 slices WW fat free bread, swiss cheese, 6 slices 99% fat free ham
#2= 3 molasses cookies (66 cal. times 3!! oops)
#3= chicken soup (200 cal.) and 1 piece ak-mak
#4= salad w/ tzatziki, ww pita and 4 lean turkey slices
#5= 1 more cookie!
#6= 1/3 c. Forest gorp

WORKOUT: Rest day.

Wed 10/19

#1= Cream of Wheat w/ 1 tbsp cocoa powder (185 cal.)
#2= beef and bean burrito
#3= blended mocha chai w/ soy milk (420 cal?)
#4= broiled salmon, asparagus and sweet potatoes
#5= 2 York peppermint patties

WORKOUT: 1 hour Kick, 1 hour Power (weights)

Comments: Taking a rest day tomorrow! Dang my neck hurts :(

Tues 10/18

#1= 1.5 c. raisin bran w/ 2% milk
#2= nut and yogurt chip trail mix (130 cal.)
#3= protein shake (225 cal.)
#4= 3 tuna sushi handrolls, tofu, kimchee
#5= turkey pot pie, sweet potatotes

WORKOUT: 1 hour Group Step, 1 hour Power (circuit weight training)

Monday 10/17

MEALS: (going to go for numbering my 6 small meals instead of "Breakfast/lunch/dinner")
#1= Yoplait (135 cal. approx.)
#2= 4 mini carrots, 3 broccoli spears, turkey & swiss wrap w/ olive tapenade & mustard (300 cal????)
#3= plum (76 cal)
#4= 3 pumpkin pancakes w/ a side of pumpkin (400 cal???)
#5 = In n Out cheeseburger (480 cal.)
#6= <>

TOTAL: 1,391 calories

Comments: If it wasn't for the special sauce and the white bun, In n Out burgers aren't necessarily evil (cheese and meat are good protein in controlled amounts)...also it was an emergency because I took my Lipo 6 an hour before, and it was wreaking havoc on my empty stomach. Excuses, I know. I will endeavor to mind the caloric impact of my choices better. A pretty good total for today (my target is 1,500 or less per day), but I know the fat content was too high because of the butter on my pancakes and the cheeseburger. but I get a smiley face today! :)


REMEMBER!!!!!!! Cutting just 250 calories per day from food intake, and burning another 250 working out (not hard to do esp. on a class day) results in weight loss of ONE POUND PER WEEK!!!!! How EASY is that?? You can DO eeeet!!!!!

I'll be using the cool calorie counter at (has foods listed by restaurant even) more often. it's hard to estimate for homemade stuff though, so I am trying to overestimate just to be fair.

Sunday 10/16

FOOD: S= plain bagel w/ crm chz (390 cal.), protein shake B= ramen w/ one egg and 1/2 block tofu L= 2 chicken and rice wraps w/ chz

Comments: 390 calories is a LOT for a bagel, and I try not to eat them unless I am forced to resort to the vending machine (it's better than chips or any of the other crap that's in there). Still, I feel horrible about eating them, and will try harder not to in the future.

WORKOUT: 1 hour Group Step

3 out of 12

I borrowed the 12 Foods Cookbook from Loke and have already decided I need to buy one for myself.

For breakfast I made oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts. Yuuummmm....the blueberries were tart and sweet so no sugar was needed (thank God) and the walnuts had a fun crunch.